Southwest Classic Cruizers

Welcome everyone! to the official online community of the Southwest Classic Cruizers.Register-Here
We are a non-profit club and all proceeds from any fundraisers are donated to charity. The object of this club is to promote the interest in classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles and to generally promote the com”ROD“ery of the members through enrolment in our club. We are looking for everyone interested in the preservation of these vehicles, to offer assistance to members and from members who may need help with a project, to promote events and activities in the area. We hope you enjoy and view all the pictures from past events and we look forward to your comments remember, all these vehicles are the pride and joy of their creators or owners. Please have respect for everything and everyone.

Come join us! We offer membership for $20 a year!  And we welcome everyone with a common interest cars, trucks, bikes, tractors, or any vehicles of interest to become involved in our club we have an online presence and a private area of the website for members only! Loaded with plenty of information to share so regardless if you’re from a small town or community in the Westman area. We welcome and encourage you to join the Southwest Classic Cruizers and become part of our amalgamated group of auto enthusiasts! PSSsssssstttt! you don’t even need to have a car just an interest

car If you’re not ready at this time to become a member you can still sign up and keep up to date with what the club is doing via our club newsletter.