Virus and Malware Removal

I can help!  Clean and scan your system. My service also includes a full tune-up and optimization of your computer. I will install ad blocker, DNS filtering, and secure your PC. After removing infections, will also do a full tune-up of your system to make sure it runs at optimal speed.

Scamware – Things like system optimisers, registry cleaners, driver updaters, etc., usually come as a trialware with a paid subscription option that keeps going up in price every year. Worse, after they have taken your money, you probably won’t notice any speed improvements. I reccomend to get rid of them and make sure your system is as clean as possible.

I will also enable antivirus for your system. T0 protect your computer in real-time, and provide information to help you recognise the behaviours and threats to prevent getting re-infected in the future.  This service includes full cleaning, tune-up, ad blocker and  DNS filtering to automatically block reported malicious websites.