Password Resets

Passwords are important, keeping your recovery information and contact information current and updated is important.  Download the and print the free password keeper in the link below to help you keep track of your passwords and information tied to your accounts.

NEW ACCOUNTS & DEVICES – Pay attention when setting up accounts and devices, record the settings because one day you will need that information. Otherwise you risk being locked out of your devices permanently


  • You can be permanently  locked out of devices if they are not set up and maintained properly which means recording the information to recover the account and being able answer your account recovery questions when required.
  • You must have current information on your accounts if you initially tied it to a phone number or email address that you no longer have access to there is no way you can receive the text that code they send you to recover the account.
  • Any device that requires valid account access cannot be unlocked if you don’t the answers.

Below are some links to password

SELF HELP: Common Password Reset Pages



MTS/Bell  Email

Westman Email Reset

Hotmail / Outlook / Microsoft Account