How does the system get infected?

Common Ways of Getting Infected

There are countless ways computers can get infected by viruses and malware and yes unsafe user behaviour. Most often they fall under the categories below

  • Searching for help and support whether it be for a driver or a computer problem you are having. These searches often lead to scammers that post fake support websites and they pay to have their pages returned in the top of the search results. Once you engage them they quickly get acess to your machine and scare you that alot is wrong when really it isnt.  They then charge hundreds of dollars to suposedly repair the system they can also plant key-logger software or malware that sends the information you enter into websites directly back to them.
  • Opening attachments or links from unknown or spoofed emails. Watch out for unusual emails urging you to open a link or take action immediately
  • Downloading software, music, and movies from malicious sites. Always go to official websites and avoid pirated and cracked content
  • Online Ads. Criminals often place clean ads on trustworthy websites and after they establish credibility and trust, replace the ads with malicious links
  • Social media. Be careful when clicking on links even if your trusted friends sent them. Their accounts might be hacked
  • Outdated software. Older versions of Microsoft Windows, Office, Adobe Acrobat and Java make the job of cybercriminals much easier!