EALING Computer Repair


  • New Computer Setup – Transfer your data and setup programs, updates, upgrades, email and secure machine and more. PC, MAC, or custom built it doesn’t matter where you purchased your computer, we can get you up and running fast .
  • Data Recovery – Think your computer data is gone? We can attempt to retrieve you data. You may have determined you’ve lost precious data on your computer but before you give up, call us.
  • Malware and virus removal. Cleanup and protect your information and your data with antivirus and DNS solutions.

Available Curbside pickup and drop off only. We are currently suspending on-site service calls till further notice due to Covid19.  We want to keep you safe and our selves, due to the health risks involved this is our best option right now. We look forward to helping in anyway we can under the current situation we can only offer telephone and remote support and in-shop repair.

  • It is required you wipe down your pc or laptop with sanitizing agent
  • Attach your contact information & password to the unit along with your phone number.
  • Call to arrange a drop off time. Thankyou.               
H0w it works Call and arrange I can talk you through the initial connection process.
  • Click the download button for your system it’s located on the upper right side of this page, the software will begin to download choose save, run, or open file depending for the option it displays.
  • A notification box will popup and say “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your computer.” choose yes. The box will then disappear.
  • Another box will popup then check the tick box to accept the EULA and Click the Continue button.
  • Then give your support person the ID Number displayed and the  Password.
  • Not to worry the software does not install it just runs as a one time use and if you run it again when needed as the password changes each time keeping your computer secure from unauthorized access.