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If you can connect to the internet, we can connect to you! The link below is to our remote client software you will need to download it and choose “run” or “open” then give your support person the 9 digit ID and the 4 digit password. Not to worry the software does not install it just runs as a one time use and if you run it again the password changes each time keeping your computer secure.

 Remote Support Client Download


Never Lose a File Again!




Your data is safe with BackBlaze ask us to set you up with a set it and forget it solution!

Unlimited Backup
Backblaze will automatically backup all your files including documents, photos, music and movies.

Unlimited files, Unlimited file size, Unlimited speed, Backup external drives
Try it free for 2 weeks! if you like it buy it for approximately $5 per month or increase your savings with a 2 year plan for just $95.00 US works out to $3.96 per month! That’s crazy cheap security for your important data!
We can assist you installing BackBlaze in setting it up correctly  for a flat rate of $10 or you can install it your self just click the download below then follow the prompts and you will be well on your way

Unlimited Data Backup for your Mac and PC